Our sole purpose is to make an impact for our clients, and to do that we need agents of change; people who want to make a real difference, and who will chase greatness.

Change agents wanted. 

We invest heavily in personal development, because talent keeps our business growing.

The Brand Agency team has a diverse range of personalities (and to be honest, some of them are pretty weird). But we all share the same values.

We live and breathe these values. They describe who we are and determine who works for us. We ask our people to display these behaviour traits:

Be ambitious. Set big goals. Aim high and then keep going. Turn a cold shoulder to ‘doing what’s safe’. Be courageous. Get excited about everything you do. Probe what’s possible. There are no stupid questions.

Be agile. Act nimbly. Get prepared to do it a different way. Stay responsive. Get smart. Have a bit of common sense. Do it efficiently. Get it done.

Be inventive. Constantly seek new and unique creative solutions to business problems. Be curious and challenge convention. Effectiveness is as much about the question as it is the answer.

Be involved. Become engrossed with your client’s work. Get out in the world. Inhale life and art and culture and people and science and technology and nature and whatever else you can find. Then plunge into your work. And take personal responsibility for results.

Career enquiries

We’ll never say no to meeting great potential. Come say hi at and tell us your story.