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13 July 2017 By Courtney Larson

The Brand Agency partners with Western Power for 'Make the Safe Call'

Our new campaign for Western Power aims to save lives through safety education.

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10 July 2017 By Courtney Larson

The Brand Agency helps launch R U House Ready

We are very proud to be involved in the launch of R U House Ready, a business that helps take people from being homeless or renters to home owners.

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05 July 2017 By Paul Hamilton

Rise of the Machines

Our Head of Digital Projects & Strategy, Paul Hamilton, shares his thoughts on the rise of automated chatbots and the next evolution of linguistic interaction with machines.

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15 June 2017 By Vanessa Bush

Insights from Mumbrella 360

Our Lead Strategist, Vanessa Bush, shares her insights and takeaways from Mumbrella 360.

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12 May 2017 By Nick Bayes

The Brand Agency makes a big statement about distractions

On behalf of the Road Safety Commission, The Brand Agency in collaboration with Evoke Media has created an activation to get drivers to reconsider their poor driving habits.

Campaign Brief Logo

09 May 2017 By Nick Bayes

The Perth communications industry without any Poms

The Federal Government abolishing the 457 visa could drastically affect the success and development of the industry in our state.

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20 April 2017 By Nick Bayes

Mental Health Commission TV ad found to be most effective for alcohol education worldwide

Our 'Spread' ad has been named the most powerful in motivating people to cut back on their drinking.

11889455 961348403888507 6263259033268929005 N

11 April 2017 By Courtney Larson

Winner: Agency of the Year 2017 Campaign Brief Awards

The Brand Agency takes out top honours at the 2017 Campaign Brief Awards

Perth Buildings

11 April 2017 By Hannah Muirhead

Big business can drive social change

Industry needs to embrace, and therefore push, a culture of less consumption.

Co P

14 March 2017 By Nick Bayes

The foodies are coming, thanks to the City of Perth and The Brand Agency

The latest 'Eat Drink Perth' campaign, created by The Brand Agency and the City of Perth has officially launched.


09 March 2017 By Courtney Larson

The fantastic four! Congratulations to Dave, Nate, Melita, and Dan on their PADC Diamond Skulls nominations.

The PADC has announced the finalists for the 2017 Diamond Skulls and we are proud to have our staff recognized for their extraordinary work.

Logo Comms

09 March 2017 By Courtney Larson

We are very proud of Sandra and her results in The Communications Council IPA Eff test!

Read Sandra's thoughts on the test and how it has helped her increase campaign effectiveness.

Campaign Brief Logo

08 March 2017 By Courtney Larson

Youngbloods WA appoints The Brand Agency's Sarah Kappeler as President for 2017

The Brand Agency Account Manager Sarah Kappeler has been appointed Youngbloods WA's 2017 President.


02 March 2017 By Paul Hamilton

The Brand Agency creates new website for Churchlands Senior High School

Last week one of Perth's leading public schools, Churchlands Senior High School, launched its new website, developed by The Brand Agency.

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20 February 2017 By Nick Bayes Featured

The Brand Agency launches new campaign for Kleenheat

​This weekend saw the launch of the next iteration of Kleenheat’s less talk, more energy campaign, following on from the first installment, Kleenheat’s most successful winter campaign ever.


14 February 2017 By Nick Bayes Featured

TABtouch and The Brand Agency launch new features campaign

This weekend saw the launch of the second major campaign from The Brand Agency for TABtouch, WA TAB's betting platform.

Co P

03 February 2017 By Nick Bayes Featured

Thursday Like We Friday - City of Perth

New campaign for the City of Perth encourages everyone to Thursday Like We Friday!

Campaign Brief Logo

02 December 2016 Featured

The Brand Agency ranked 7th in Australia, and 11th in Asia-Pacific

The Brand Agency ranked 7th in Australia, and 11th in Asia-Pacific for number of campaigns accepted into Campaign Brief’s The Work 2016.

Holiday Hole Live Stream

30 November 2016 By Lucy Helliwell

Live Streaming - When Bad Content Can Also Be King!

Live streaming of a hole being dug in the ground has attracted 3.6 million YouTube views in three days!

User 408

21 November 2016 By Nick Bayes

Brand Agency wins B&T State Agency of the Year

​The Brand Agency beat off stiff competition from agencies in Australia and New Zealand to win B&T Magazine’s prestigious state agency of the year award at Sydney Town Hall on Friday.


18 November 2016 By Lucy Helliwell

5 reasons why content doesn't need to be a chore

​As a content producer, I hear many misconceptions about content from those looking to introduce it to their business. These misconceptions often lead to the failure of their content creation and sometimes prevent them from beginning the process of content creation entirely.

Mixin Relaxing

16 November 2016 By Lucy Helliwell

Behind the Scenes Insight of Perth’s Biggest Web Community Event

Perth has been Mixin it up, with a new event to shake up the web industry. Our city may be the most isolated in the world, but last month it was possibly the most connected – with the international web community coming together for a hugely successful one-day event called Mixin.

Nick Bayes March2016 Blog Thumb 300X228 212323

19 October 2016 By Nick Bayes Featured

To integrate or not to integrate, that isn’t the question.

​Nick Bayes, our Perth General Manager opens the Pandora’s Box of debate about whether clients should consolidate with one agency or use a panel of specialists for different disciplines.

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17 October 2016 By Nick Bayes

More talent to The Brand Agency

Following on from the appointment of Belinda De-Corti as Agency Producer, Sarah Kappeler as Account Manager and Paul Hamilton as Head of Digital Projects and Strategy, The Brand Agency has made three more significant appointments.

Drop2 Case Study Thumbnail 2

09 September 2016 By Nick Bayes Featured

Water Corporation and The Brand Agency win an Effie

The Brand Agency and Water Corporation won a bronze award last night for their ‘Drop 2’ campaign in the Government category at the 2016 Effie Awards, held in Sydney.

Screen Shot 2016 09 09 At 1 22 48 Pm

09 September 2016 By Nick Bayes

The Brand Agency hosts TDK Tuesdays.

On Tuesday evening The Brand Agency hosted student design group, The Design Kids (TDK). Over 50 design students gathered to hear from Brand’s design team, who provided insights into their processes and approach to creating and managing some of WA’s most iconic brands.


29 June 2016 By Camille Whitehead Featured

A seven-part introduction to Instagram: Part Two - Resource Allocation

Before developing an Instagram account or any social media account, it is imperative that you review your available resources to ensure the longevity and success of an account. Creating a robust model enables clarity in regards to roles and responsibilities.

Instagram Logo 796X404

20 May 2016 By Camille Whitehead

A seven-part introduction to Instagram: Part One - Researching the Market

You know who your competitors are, but have you checked them out on Instagram? Have you investigated other aspirational brands, or brands you’d like to align with?


05 May 2016 By Lucy Helliwell

Stock Photography: Friend or Foe?

Stock photography. It’s often bland, clinical and unrealistic - but we all use it in content production. Why? Because it’s the easy option.

instagram-iphone-app-1920 1

17 March 2016 By Camille Whitehead

Instagram to become Ranker-gram

The imaged focused, social media site has announced they will soon be testing a new algorithm-based feed.

Ferris-Wheel 3

09 March 2016 By Lucy Helliwell Featured

Content ideas for your next event

By knowing what content to create before, during and after the event, you can ensure your event staff and content producer maximise every opportunity.

crowd james-cridland BANNER

15 February 2016 By Lucy Helliwell

7 Benefits of event content creation

Events create huge opportunity for content creation that will help highlight your successes, elevate your brand and promote future business activity.

donald-trump gage-skidmore LOGO 1

08 February 2016 By Lucy Helliwell

Using body language to conquer your next video interview: A lesson from Donald Trump

When we communicate, body language is as important as what we say. A fully prepared and rehearsed speech can fall flat if the body language doesn’t complement the speech.


03 February 2016 By Camille Whitehead Featured

How to ‘gram in 7 easy steps

Thinking about starting an Instagram for your brand? Follow these steps to get the most out of your page.

have-a-holly-jolly-christmas-tree-worm laszlo-ilyes LOGO

27 January 2016 By Lucy Helliwell

5 Signs of Rookie Content

Rookie content - avoid it as a consumer or be mindful of it as a content creator.

15-12-03 NIK0239

04 December 2015 By Camille Whitehead

The Committee for Perth Awards

The Committee for Perth held their annual End of Year celebration on Wednesday night, where they reviewed their achievements for 2015.

Light bulb yellow icon.svg

16 November 2015

Stuck for ideas? Throw out the brainstorm and try something different

​Great ideas sometimes come in the shower, but most of the time they don’t. Explore these uncommon techniques in your next brainstorming session to get those creative ideas flowing.


13 November 2015 By Eva-Victoria Bates

​TEDx Perth

TEDx Perth is an independently organised TED event bringing together speakers and ideas from all backgrounds for a one day, conference style, series of talks.

09023DA A

12 November 2015 By Paul Yole Featured

​Nils Leonard calls it as it is.

Culture, according to Nils, is more important than talent. And I couldn’t agree more. Which is not to say talent is not important because clearly it is. But if you don’t have the right culture, good luck with attracting and keeping great talent.

writers-blovk II-logo

28 October 2015 By Lucy Helliwell

Blogs: 4 simple ways to give your writing a boost

One common ailment that every writer suffers is the much talked about writer’s block.

PADC Skull BLOG-thumb-350x291-122096

27 October 2015 By Camille Whitehead

PADC Skulls

The Brand Agency was awarded with 15 category wins and 5 craft awards at the PADC Skulls Awards.

Emoticon Smile Face.svg

22 October 2015 Featured

The Collective Workplace

​The web industry is amazing, we openly share our experience and come together to discover new ways to make the web, our collective workplace, better for everyone.

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19 October 2015

Customer experience and user experience sound the same, but are they different?

The short answer is yes. Customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) have originally evolved from a customer focused approach, but each are different in their own right.

old tv  app icon style  by fabooguy-d7viw5x

14 October 2015 By Lucy Helliwell

Why Top Brands Are Producing Episodic Content

Marketers often talk about how brands must think and act like publishers, but how can we do that?


06 October 2015 By Ashley Allen Featured

Gruen: Part 2

The experience continues as Ashley reveals the winning ad and provides an update after the Gruen taping.


29 September 2015 By Lucy Helliwell

Content Production: Work Smart, Not Hard

Why stick to the confines of your marketing department when you can use resources from around the world?


24 September 2015 By Ashley Allen Featured

Gruen: Part 1

A glimpse behind the scenes as one of our own participates in the industry's favourite TV show, Gruen's "The Pitch".


16 September 2015

Is your website copy optimized for online?

Find out the best practice techniques for writing online copy.


15 September 2015 By Nick Bayes Featured

World Domination Comes From The Right Culture

While Silicon Valley is full of very successful companies, there are also those that aren’t so successful. The one thing that separates the cream from the milk is culture.


14 September 2015 By Paul Yole

The Power of Curiosity

“Creativity exists in not knowing. You have to be happy to admit that you are ignorant.”


11 September 2015 By Paul Yole

How can data help the creative process?

Neuroscientists having been telling us for some time now that 90% of human decision making is driven by emotions.


10 September 2015 By Nick Bayes Featured

Beam me up Mr President

I first saw BeamPro in action on a recent visit to Silicon Valley, but actually using it myself, impressed me even more.


04 September 2015 By Nick Bayes

The future of advertising is automatic

In our world, data is king. The more we know about the DNA of our audience the more powerful we are and the more effective our communications can be.


27 August 2015 By Paul Yole Featured

Cannes Lions and the momentum for change

Paul Yole wrote a series of articles for The West Australian’s Marketing & Media section from the 2015 Cannes Lions. Here, we reproduce his thoughts about the change of thinking needed in our industry. It was originally published on 27th June 2015.


26 August 2015 By Carolyn Mooney

3D printing takes a giant leap

The materials used in 3D printing have largely been plastics-based, until now.


18 August 2015 By Camille Whitehead

The A to Z of Trademarks

Surely before Larry Page and Sergey Brin settled on the name of their new parent company 'Alphabet', they Googled it?


13 August 2015 By Camille Whitehead Featured

The ABCs of Google and Alphabet

Earlier this week, a shock rippled through the tech world – Google announced the creation of its new parent company, Alphabet.


11 August 2015 By Nick Bayes

Robo-Shop coming to a shopping centre near you

While I like to think I’m ahead of the digital curve, nothing could prepare me for a recent visit to Silicon Valley as part of the STW Group’s knowledge finding trip.


29 July 2015 By Lucy Helliwell

How content production can shape consumers actions

Consumers will no longer spend time trawling through websites for information; content must be instant and solutions easily available.


29 July 2015

Chrome Updates Auto-Playback

Earlier this year Google released a beta version of their Chrome browser with many new tweaks.


24 June 2015 By Paul Yole

Why Perth must place value on creativity

After a few days at Cannes Lions, it became clear to our Director of Agency Development, Paul Yole, that the advertising business needs radical change.


04 June 2015 By Camille Whitehead

MLC comes to brand

Eight year 12 MLC girls recently took time out of their exam prep to visit the office for some insights into agency land.


22 May 2015 By Camille Whitehead

How to define a social media strategy

10 questions you must ask before creating a social media strategy.


11 May 2015 By Camille Whitehead

Spotify - streaming more than music

At the height of music streaming, one of the industries biggest players, Spotify, has reported over $250 million in losses over the past two years.


29 April 2015 By Camille Whitehead

#Emojis on Instagram

Instagram has just made emoji much more powerful by updating its Apps earlier this week with the ability to add emoji hashtags to posts.


16 April 2015 By Camille Whitehead

How to stand out on LinkedIn

A business’ best brand managers are its employees; and so are their LinkedIn profiles.


16 March 2015 By Paul Yole

The Brand Agency Awarded 2015 Agency of the Year

845 people from the Western Australian Advertising and Media industries tonight gathered under a huge big top circus tent for the gala 2015 Oasis Ball and Campaign Brief Perth Awards. The big Campaign Brief Agency of the Year award went to The Brand Agency!


27 February 2015 By Camille Whitehead Featured

Musical marketing moments

'The intersection between music and advertising is more exciting then it’s ever been' - Jared Gutstadt.


20 February 2015 By Camille Whitehead

Facebook's shiny new button

Facebook has recently introduced a 'Call-To-Action' to considerably increase the value of its pages.


03 February 2015 By Camille Whitehead

The Super Bowl super review

We watched in anticipation yesterday as the Super Bowl, arguably advertising’s biggest night of nights brought us 104 intriguing and comedic paid spots.


14 November 2014 By Paul Yole

Foodbank WA brand book

A brand book was designed as a ‘leave behind’ piece for when management and key staff met with potential donors, supporters and benefactors. 


15 September 2014 By Debby Jones

What you didn't know about Google Analytics

Our in-house SEM specialist attended the National Google Analytics Conference in Sydney last week.