Allara for All

Allara Estate is a joint venture between LandCorp and Satterley, located in the new suburb of Eglinton — part of Perth’s northern coastal corridor.

This northern corridor is an area renowned for its hyper-competitive land development market. This, in addition to the slowing demand for residential land means launching a new development in these parts can be a challenge.

With this in mind, our task was to create a dynamic brand for this new estate ‘Allara’ and an integrated campaign to reach a large number of customers and drive sales.

For first-time home buyers through to investors, key rational elements such as price, location and block size play a big part in driving a purchase. While the price point of the estate demonstrates affordability, it is through unique branding that customers can be connected emotionally.

This emotional skew was our focus when creating the Allara brand. We saw that people want to feel as though they are not just choosing a clever way to enter the housing market or to buy a good investment — they want to feel like they are choosing a clever way to live in a development with a great vision. Our target market wants a lifestyle that looks different to what other estates in the area are offering; a way of life that has everything they could ever need or imagine, with an urban and edgy feel. They also want to know that when circumstances change, they have clever options available so they needn’t leave the community.

While competitors were creating large format vision brochures with the same content, we created a 48 page guide to life, in a pocket sized format.

The booklet not only highlighted the clever features of the development but spoke to our emotional side, offering tips on wellness and health.

Allara for All guide

In essence, our solution was to create a clever brand idea that looks, sounds and thinks differently to the rest.

We sought to break the mould of ‘standard’ estate branding and create a fully-integrated campaign with feeling and soul. This meant ensuring the messaging, typefaces, colour palette, use of media and even the dimensions of printed material stood well away from that of the plethora of developments in the cluttered northern coastal market.

The resultant visual identity and collateral material has a one-of-a-kind tone of voice that adheres to the message ‘For All’. It is inherently relaxed, irreverent and tongue-in-cheek while speaking to the clever nature of the development’s features.

The two-colour palette was intentionally simplified to break away from the rainbows of the real estate world; with a striking yellow hue that takes its cues from ‘Allara’, the indigenous word for ‘daylight’. Loose black line-work represents the marks we make when writing down our ideas. The bespoke, hand-drawn typeface was created to move away from the more traditional brands of Allara’s competitors and retain its unique tone of voice.

Our team ensured every element created for Allara was clever and different.

This meant creating a full signage strategy, using billboards and outdoor media, such as a bright yellow sea container. From afar to up close, this signage – much like the estate itself – became a ‘beacon of light’ along a very dusty highway that is otherwise littered with stock standard signage and cookie cutter sales offices.

The interior of Allara’s Sales office was designed with the customer in mind; every touch point was considered, from the car park to the interior, and turned into a clever opportunity to reiterate the brand message. The furniture design became integral not just to the comfort of customers, but as a way to convey the Allara brand — including an interactive touch screen map table that illustrated the development site. Anamorphic entry statements were designed as a creative way to greet customers on their way in to the estate and build excitement.

In other aspects of the campaign, we utilised innovative media placement and executions; through radio spots, press and fully animated online page takeovers. We also created a responsive website with intuitive navigation and video that broke the norms of typical online real estate experiences.

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