Bunnings - Australia's favourite retailer

For over 20 years The Brand Agency has helped Bunnings become one of Australia’s most trusted and loved retail brands through our ‘Red Shirts’ campaigns. “Lowest prices are just the beginning” is one of Australia’s best known brand lines and Bunnings’ sausage sizzles are legendary.

Our work for Bunnings covers everything from branding to planning and creative, catalogues, TV, digital, content and press.

February this year saw the opening of the first Bunnings store in the UK, in St. Albans. Our London office, in collaboration with colleagues in Melbourne, developed the launch campaign.

Bunnings UK

We also develop advertising to promote select Bunnings supplier brands and products.

Power Beanie

Simple line drawn animation demonstrates this product’s many benefits in a strong and simple way.

Power beanie

Ozito Power Tools

Here we position Ozito as the home handyman’s power tool, with all the features you need at an affordable price.

Ozito power tools

Eiger Lighthouse Torch

With a beam distance of up to 1km, you’d be truly lost without the Eiger Lighthouse torch, exclusive to Bunnings.

Eiger Lighthouse Torch

Matador – The sign of a great BBQ

A cricket commentary over barbie footage makes for an apt way to promote Matador during cricket season.

Matador – The sign of a great BBQ

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