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Pursue Impossible

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a prestigious, one hundred and six year old institution, that is ranked in the World Top 100 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, with an ambition to raise its ranking even further.

A comprehensive brand review was undertaken to help drive the University’s growth and marketing needs. After an extensive program of consultation, workshops, focus groups, concept testing and market research, we created a refreshed brand identity and a distinctive new positioning.

The current identity hadn’t changed for over 40 years and presented some practical problems with visibility across modern media.

The University was looking for something that was more relevant and contemporary, but which retained the heritage: evolutionary, not revolutionary

Apart from cleaning up the main elements of the logo, we built a unique custom font and created over 40 different formats that suit all applications. This includes a version using the more informal acronym, which can be used in more familiar and casual environments.

We created an idea that goes to the heart of UWA’s core purpose – the advancement and prosperity of the community.

The idea arose from the insight that almost everybody, at some point in their lives, will be told that their dreams and hopes are not achievable.

We wanted to challenge the notion of ‘impossible’, and give hope to everyone.

The ‘Pursue Impossible’ story is integrated across all online and offline media.

Outdoor billboards

Pursue Impossible

Pursue Impossible

Pursue Impossible

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