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The disability world is going through significant change and The Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA (MS Society or MSWA) has consistently delivered great results for people living with neurological conditions. With the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) fast approaching and constant competition pressure, the MS Society saw the opportunity to broaden their horizons via the NDIS and expand the brand to educate people that they also offer services to people with other neurological conditions, as well as those with MS. 


After much internal and external consultation, The Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA changed their name to MSWA. They felt that it was time to embrace a new-look logo that builds on MSWA’s history and reputation, but presents a more contemporary and accurate look and feel based on their offering. Put simply, they need to tell the story of who they are now and explain the amazing breadth of services that they offer to people with all neurological conditions in WA.

Idea and execution

We created an integrated campaign called ‘Joy in the Life’, which strategically communicates to all client identified target audiences, across various mediums. We identified that there would be people who didn’t know that MSWA offered services to people with acquired brain injury for example. For this reason, we wanted the stories to be real and authentic and come directly from the members and clients of MSWA. The ads all communicate the services that MSWA offers but ultimately ask for people who are edible for the NDIS to get in touch with them directly for more information. 

The campaign is highly visual and is driven by four main TV commercials. In 3 of the 4 spots, we feature real people living with various neurological conditions such as MS, acquired brain injury and stroke. They each tell the audience about their joy in life or the one thing that they love; the thing that just keeps them going! The underlying message is about how the services that MSWA provide, enable people to continue to enjoy what they love in life.  

The fourth spot features a staff member named Ilissa who further details the services offered by MSWA.

The TV is supported by radio, digital and search.


This campaign launched in October 2016 and is running through until August 2017. The response so far has been positive with initial search results indicating that the new name is gaining traction.


Anita's Story

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