Road Safety Commission - Priorities


There were 170 deaths and 2,537 serious injuries on WA roads in 2016. Many of these accidents are caused by drink driving, speeding and distractions (mobile phone usage). The Road Safety Commission wanted to reduce deaths and injuries and remind WA drivers that we all have a responsibility to stay safe on our roads.


Rather than focus on those with both negative behaviour and attitudes (e.g. the hoons and habitual offenders) – we focused on those who have good attitudes towards road safety but are occasional offenders. We needed to remind them that safety on our roads is an issue for all of us and we all have a responsibility towards ourselves and others.

When you get down to it, driving a car is a massive responsibility. The power and force under your control is unmatched, however we often give it less thought than we do to other mundane tasks. Thus, we focused on the idea of “Priorities” – the places or things we choose to concentrate and pay attention to, while in the car we don’t.


Whilst the campaign is in its infancy and no key results are available, initial insights to campaign performance are very positive.

Video placements online have had very high completion rates with an average of 87.75% and a total of 739 click-throughs. Facebook ads have had over 1 million impressions and an outstanding click through rate of 1.03%.

Out of home media

Out of home media

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