Kleenheat - Winter Campaign 2016


Kleenheat has been the leader in the LPG market for 60 years (regional WA and Northern Territory) with a strong brand presence. However, they are a challenger brand in the natural gas market (Perth metro) with a limited brand perception. We needed to establish a brand platform that bought these contrasting market positions together to communicate ‘one Kleenheat’ whilst being heavily focused on retail to increase customer numbers in all markets.


We know our audience doesn’t want to spend time thinking about natural gas or LPG, and want quick, efficient and fair interactions. But most energy companies are seen as the same; big, slow moving corporation that will wrap you up in red-tape. Kleenheat is not like this.

Kleenheat are an energy company, and that’s all we do. Our gas will not make your food taste any better. Our power will not fill you with enthusiasm and a zest for living. You will not suddenly find a life filled with a world of new opportunities. You will simply have a very reliable energy provider and partner, who understand you, and who you can understand.

Idea and execution

Tell it like it is. Whilst everyone else will try to wrap you up in jargon, Kleenheat make things easy understand.

We communicate this by using the juxtaposition of two characters; Rodney, an out of date, jargon laden know-it-all, and our Kleenheat representative who simplifies Rodney’s complex rambles in to an easy to understand statement.


This campaign launched in May 2016 and ran until October 2016. It achieved a much higher rate of customer sign ups compared to the same period the previous year.


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