Alcohol. Think Again - Glass Body


Nearly 1 in 4 Western Australian’s drink at levels that place them at risk of alcohol-related harm and ill-health in their lifetime. These people know that drinking alcohol is bad for them but they don’t understand how it is bad for them and they don’t take the risk personally. Today’s drinkers justify their drinking habits through social acceptability and quality cues but any alcohol over two drinks is doing damage to the body’s systems.


To demonstrate the process of how alcohol causes disease throughout the body, in particular, to the digestive system and cardiovascular system. This is shown by using a glass body to show the toxicity of alcohol and how it damages body in each system.

The campaign increases the feeling of being personally at risk by using the glass body so that it could relate to a male or female, and through the voiceover.

 Idea and execution

The idea is to use a glass body to explore the fragility of the body and the long-term risk of alcohol-related diseases when you drink more than the recommended guidelines of two standard drinks on any day. This concept also triggers self-assessment of personal consumption within the viewer. We produced two versions of the concept; one that shows how alcohol damages the digestive system; and one that shows how alcohol damages the cardiovascular system. 


It’s too soon for results. We’ll keep you posted!



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