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Upon the amalgamation of the Drug and Alcohol Office (DA) and Mental Health Commission (MHC) a new corporate website is required to represent the new organisation. The website needed to reflect the organisation’s new look and feel, with content consistent with its brand attributes.


To develop an easily accessible and visually appealing website that provides relevant information to its stakeholders. We designed a new look and feel for the amalgamated Mental Health Commission organisation that portrays a professional and reputable government agency that is working to provide mental health services to people in Western Australia.

Idea and execution

This website was developed based on the principles of its use with a primary objective to easily access relevant information to its stakeholders. The objectives and scope of work were workshopped with all stakeholder groups to develop the functional specifications and design brief. The overall design and functionality of the site was based on a thorough user experience assessment and strategy.


Data below is comparing to the same period Feb 2016 to March 2016. 

1st Feb - 28th Feb 2016

Sessions have increased by 27% - 12,254 vs 9,649

The number of users has increased by 29.77% - 8,923 vs 6,876

Pageviews have increased by 15.18% - 29,577 vs 25,680

The % of new sessions have increased by 0.75% - 67.10% vs 66.61%

1st Mar - 31st Mar 2016

Pages per session has decreased by 9.32% - 2.41 vs 2.66

The average session duration has decreased by 8.29% - 00:02:31 vs 00:02:44

The bounce rate has increased by 0.86% - 47.59% vs 47.19%

Note: These aren’t necessarily negative results. It could mean that users are being directed to the page that suits their needs best and therefore they don’t need to look around the website because they have all the info they need from the initial page.

MHC Website

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