Road Safety Commission - Priorities

Idea and execution

In our campaign, we targeted drivers who have good attitudes towards road safety but are occasional offenders. We needed to remind them that safety on our roads is an issue for all of us. However, many drivers make exceptions to the rules or think they won't get caught. But each time we choose to drink and drive, speed or send a text behind the wheel we are consciously choosing to do so and we could cause an accident. However, none of this is an accident and we are all responsible for our actions. 


The campaign launched in November 2016 and the first wave of research was conducted in March 2017. Initial responses are strong, showing that 75% of respondents have seen or heard of this campaign (with 60% awareness of the TVCs).

Most encouraging was the results for the Speeding component, which was seen to be highly relevant and resulted in drivers self-reflecting on their behaviour. Positively, 2 in 5 drivers (39%) claim to have paid more attention to their speed as a result of seeing this campaign.

The Priorities campaign was a finalist at The 2017 Campaign Brief Awards for Best TV Commercial of the Year (Drink Driving), Best TV Campaign of the Year and Best Out of Home of the Year. 

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