Water Corporation - Nature Knows Best

What do the Carnaby Cockatoo, the burrowing Bilby, the famous Rotto Quokka and the age-old Marri Tree all have in common? They’re nature, and together they’ve formed the Water Watchers, a team of wildlife vigilantes who’s mission is to ensure us humans get waterwise – after all, we are the only species on earth that waste water.

Climate change is unfortunately very real and the new Water Corporation demand management campaign aims to draw people in and make them advocates of behaviour change, showing the easy ways everyone can play their part to save water.

At the core of this integrated campaign is a long-form film telling the full story of the Water Watchers mission. The campaign’s ecosystem is then supported by a number of TV commercials along with digital, social, OOH, radio and press.

As the story unfolds, we see the Water Watchers out and about interrupting humans as they waste water, teaching them the errors of their ways. From Linda, the late-night double-soaker, to Barry the driveway-hoser – Nature builds a humorous rapport with humans to help them to adapt.