How CRM strategy and compelling creative drove $5 million in revenue

The Spring Racing Carnival is the most high-profile and high-stakes thoroughbred racing series of the year, bringing the biggest names in racing to feature events across Australia.

This is the most critical and profitable racing season for Racing & Wagering Western Australia (RWWA), a long-time partner of The Brand Agency.

In 2018, we managed the full-scale execution of hyper-targeted digital communications that reached over 95,000 TABtouch members.

Leading up to each feature race event, members received EDM and SMS communications with content specifically tailored to their betting interests and activities.

EDM creative was built on a flexible, modular template, designed and developed by The Brand Agency, that could scale and adapt to include multiple types of content, based on the recipient.


Following copy, design and development of each creative asset, The Brand Agency executed all set-up, targeting and deployment.

This meant daily hands-on management of systems like Watson Campaign Automation (IBM), Optimove and Mobivate.

Understanding our customer is key to improving CX and that's why we've invested heavily in analytics and CRM capability. Leveraging predictive intelligence and gaining meaningful insights around how our customers respond, engage and react to our CRM communications is vital.

- Jane Magee, Manager Customer Intelligence - RWWA