In the State Election, everyone gets a seat at the table. Take yours.

Despite a tumultuous 2020, Western Australia continues to enjoy a respectful, functioning democracy. However, democratic decision-making is a power we can’t take for granted. Every vote is equal, so everyone should be heard.

The Electoral Commission needed to increase enrolment and voting participation amongst disengaged communities and forgetful voters, as well as create a greater awareness of alternative voting methods to dissipate the crowds of Election Days past.

The ‘Take your Seat at the Table’ campaign encourages all Western Australians to exercise their democratic right to vote in the State Election, welcoming them to the table where everyone has an equal say in the future of our state.

We invited a group of strangers to sit down at Government House and discuss the future of WA. People who would usually never even cross paths, let alone have a conversation. Some well-accustomed to being heard, and some who often felt silenced. They sat at a table that symbolised our state, our government and our community — and all its different opinions, culture, identities and experiences. A vision of a truly democratic election.

Inclusion, diversity and accessibility was considered at every step. Materials very developed with accessibility in mind, and translated into multiple languages for television, radio, digital, and press.

Running state-wide, the extensive media schedule also includes online video and audio, social media, out of home, and search. A robust strategy and media planning phase ensured the campaign would both reach and resonate with the vast target audience.

Beyond the campaign, we also delivered a refreshed and evolving campaign landing page and a direct marketing strategy.

In the State Election, everyone gets a seat at the table. Take yours.

The Brand Agency · 2021 State Election Education

The Brand Agency · 2021 State Election Brand