‘Walking On A Dream’ invites travellers to explore the awe-inspiring attributes that make Western Australia a dream-like place.

As the world awakens from the COVID-19 pandemic and people can once again look beyond their borders to quench their thirst for travel, competition for the tourism dollar has never been so fierce.

Through extensive state-wide consultation with over 500 tourism industry representatives, Tourism WA had launched a unique tourism strategy for Western Australia – Our Story: The Spirit of Adventure. It was now time to express this strategy through a distinctive, emotive and premium global brand campaign that would attract the high yield traveler to explore our wonderous State.

Our global brand campaign has taken inspiration from Aboriginal culture. Through this lens, every part of the natural world can be seen as interconnected - the people, the animals, the plants and even the landforms can be seen as interconnected bodies in constant conversation with each other. The creative demonstrates the awakening of a deeper connection with oneself, with others and with the land upon which we walk. Western Australia is dreamlike. Otherworldly. It’s a place of natural wonders, pink lakes and horizontal falls. We show Western Australia in the form of a dream. A metaphor for the natural connection felt by those who come here. And just like a dream, sometimes everything is quite real, sometimes quite otherworldly.

The campaign launched in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on September 7, 2022, employing an integrated media mix including TV, digital video, high impact outdoor and print, social, digital display and partnership activity.


Early campaign effectiveness is measured by independent research partners as impact to visitor numbers takes longer to affect.

Prompted awareness of the video assets reached 45% across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane after just 2-weeks post launch. Results for the key success indicators of Appeal, Differentiation and Motivation are amongst the best ever achieved for the category, being 8.7, 8.0 and 8.7 out of 10 respectively.

The most recent research released was a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the creative across the three priority east coast markets. The results of which are perfectly summed up by a verbatim quote from a respondent –

“I have not seen an ad as excellent as this anywhere else. The music, scenery, shots and story are brilliant.”