Updating guest access and sharing with The Brand Agency

The Brand Agency have recently moved Microsoft tenancies to align with other WPP group companies (April 2022). As a result, all content shared with The Brand Agency or King Street from your organisation must be reshared. Until the steps below are complete, we will not be able to access anything you have shared with us.

These instructions are intended for your organisation's IT administrators, so please pass them along.

Please note:

  • This only applies if you use Microsoft 365 / Office 365 in your organisation. Things shared from Google Workspace are not affected.
  • This only affects guest accounts - not special accounts created directly in your organisation for Brand Agency use.

Step 1 - Remove existing guest accounts

All existing guest accounts for Brand Agency / King Street users must be removed from your Azure Active Directory. The easiest way to do that is to run a few commands on Azure Shell.

  1. As an IT administrator with permissions to manage Azure Active Directory users, go to shell.azure.com and select Powershell from the drop-down in the top left.
  2. Copy the contents of the script from Remove-BrandGuestAccounts.ps1.
  3. Paste copied script into the Azure Shell.
    Note you may have to use Control+Shift+V (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift+V (macOS) to paste plain text into the Azure Shell.

If you are unable to run scripts in your environment, it's highly recommended you contact an IT administrator who can. Otherwise, please manually remove all guest accounts using the following domains at https://aad.portal.azure.com/:

  • thebrandagency.co
  • brandagency.com.au
  • thebrandagency.co.nz
  • kingst.co
  • brandxp.co
  • queenst.co

Step 2 - Reshare content

Once the old guest accounts have been removed, people in your organisation will need to reshare any content with us:

  • Files on OneDrive/SharePoint/Teams
  • Invitations to be a guest in Microsoft Teams teams. (Does not affect 1:1 chats or meetings).
  • Access to applications granted by a Brand Agency Azure AD account. (IT help likely needed).