Keystart - Brand identity development

Owning your own home is an Australian rite-of-passage. However, across Western Australia, getting into your own home has never been tougher. A slow economy, mortgage stress, tightening of bank approval processes and the Royal Commission have put home ownership out of reach for many, painting a gloomy picture for the housing market. By providing a range of low-deposit home loans, Keystart are able to provide the dream of home ownership to many where mainstream lenders haven’t. With an identity nearly 30 years old, a revised design approach was needed to align the organisation’s vision and values to current market conditions.

A new brand was designed to celebrate life’s colourful moments. It puts people at its heart, representing the individuals that Keystart has helped afford their own home. Based around a simple circle device, it highlights how Keystart has helped transform the great Australian dream into the great Australian reality. This ripples through the wider community into a celebration of colour – the moment our lives start. To represent these different stories, a series of identities were created to form a flexible brand platform that is always moving and never sits still.