7 Benefits of event content creation

Are you filming your events? Events create huge opportunity for content creation that will help highlight your successes, elevate your brand and promote future business activity.

Examples of where content prospects occur include: award ceremonies; product launches; networking events; corporate conferences; exhibitions and open days; training workshops and seminars; charity sporting events and festivals.

Content can be re-purposed into many formats including: pre-event teaser videos; event highlights videos; blogs and articles; still images; real-time social media marketing and podcasts.

Here are 7 benefits of documenting your event through content production:

  1. Showcase your work – Showcase the work of your team and organisation by providing highlights from the event.
  2. Promotional tool – Use content to promote an upcoming event by encouraging participation or increasing ticket sales. Use content from a previous event as a tool to advertise future events.
  3. Publicity and brand awareness – Provide video and stills to the media to add excitement to the standard press release.
  4. Reach a larger audience – Communicate with those that couldn’t attend the event in person. Reach potential customers through social media distribution.
  5. Customer service / Added value – Events are consumed on the day and often forgotten when it finishes. Create a suite of content assets that provide added-value to the event experience. Give the audience more reason to interact with the brand.
  6. Training tool – Document the knowledge of participants and share with others that could not attend. Create an online tool to be accessed internally by staff. This is also a cost-effective way of distributing information as personal attendance is not required. This is particularly useful for a nationwide or global company.
  7. Document and create event longevity – Document event activity and either create content to distribute straight after the day or archive for future use. Content can be re-purposed into varying formats for different audiences.

Events are full of content opportunities. Increase the value of your event by using various content products to your benefit. Events are typically hard work and expensive, content production will allow you to continue to reap the benefits long after the event is over.

Photography credits:

‘Crowd’ by James Cridland on Flikr

‘DSCN5283’ by Lee Down on Flikr