The Brand Agency makes a big statement about distractions

On behalf of the Road Safety Commission, The Brand Agency in collaboration with Evoke Media has created an activation to get drivers to reconsider their poor driving habits. The project tackles the issue of mobile phone use while driving and reminds drivers that this can have serious consequences.

Using key visual symbols symonomous with mobile phone usage, the two ambient pieces, one where a car has crashed into a typical phone navigation map pin and the other where a car has collided with a text message bubble, illustrate the increased risk of collision when using a mobile phone whilst driving. The key message being, small distractions can have big consequences.

Says Clodagh Garvey, Principal Project Officer at the Road Safety Commission, “Research shows that although 90% of West Australians acknowledge the danger of texting and driving, 57% are still regular offenders. Our intention is to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and reduce the number of accidents on our roads.”

Statistics show that the use of a mobile phone while driving increases the risk of being involved in a crash by up to four times. In 2016, 14% of road deaths were due to inattention-related crashes.

Coinciding with Road Safety Week (8-14 May), the project launched on Monday 8 May at Perth Town Hall and will appear in different locations around the CBD, Fremantle and Joondalup. The campaign is part of The Road Safety Commission’s Priorities campaign that was launched in November 2016 to target distracted driving, speeding and drink driving.   Natalie Pearson, Account Director, The Brand Agency commented: "The Distractions campaign set out to communicate road safety is a completely different way, to move people out of their apathy, and this activation continues to do just that. These constructions will make a big statement and will be hard to miss, hopefully they will make people realise that by using their mobile phone whilst driving they are putting their’s and others lives at risk”. 

Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth 

Creative: Steve Straw, Melita Masters, Nathan Teoh 

Account Management: Natalie Pearson, Darcy White 

Production Company: Evoke Media 

Media: Paul Clout (Carat)  

Road Safety Commission: Clodagh Garvey, Alisia Mumby

Article posted by Nick Bayes