Water Corporation debunks customer myths in a new campaign via The Brand Agency

Perth water users have questions. Water Corporation has the answers. The new Water Education campaign, created by The Brand Agency, puts customers front and centre – asking their pressing questions about water. Australian comedy icon, Peter Rowsthorn, plays the voice of reason, answering the customers’ questions and debunking myths. 

The six light-hearted spots respond to common queries, such as “Why don’t you just make the dams bigger?” and “Businesses use heaps more water than me. Why don’t you worry about the big guys?” The spots will appear online and in cinema. 

The campaign aims to empower customers with answers so that they are aware of the broader issues at play and become more involved in doing their part to save water.

Water Corporation General Manager Customer and Community, Catherine Ferrari, said water education was a key factor related to water conservation behaviours. 

“Water education is knowledge about water sources, water management and water-related issues,” Ms Ferrari said. 

“It has been shown that higher water knowledge is related to more uptake of water saving devices, greater use of water saving strategies in the garden and greater acceptance of alternative water sources. In WA about 13 per cent of the population has ‘high level of water education’ so we feel there is significant room to improve on this. Once the community better understand the challenges around supplying water in our drying climate, they will be more likely to change their water use, without compromising on lifestyle.”

Nick Bayes, General Manager at The Brand Agency added, “We’re proud to launch Water Corporation’s new campaign. With the south west of Western Australia being one of the areas most hardest hit by the effects of climate change, saving water continues to be an important topic in our community. By answering customers’ important questions, we hope we can get them one step closer to understanding and supporting Perth’s water situation.”

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