The Brand Agency and Mental Health Commission create The Medix to help at-risk drug users

In the lead-up to the summer music festival season The Brand Agency has worked with the Western Australian Mental Health Commission to create an awareness campaign to help reduce drug-related harm at large-scale festivals and events.

"Our objective was to work with the Commission's key messages to reduce drug-related harm, including the number of preventable deaths at festivals," said The Brand Agency's Senior Account Manager, Emily Nelson. "We did this by arming young people with information to minimise harm, while they or their friends are using drugs at festivals." 

Together, the Commission and The Brand Agency created 'The Medix', an approachable, relatable first aid team to provide festival tips and help remove the stigma of visiting them if someone is experiencing physical or mental health problems after taking drugs at a festival or event. 

"The campaign helps people to recognise the harmful symptoms associated with drug or alcohol use, reduces people's fear of accessing medical assistance from first aid and ambulance services and encourages people to stay hydrated and take chill-out breaks," added Nelson. 

"The posters look like the kind festival organisers would create and contain six key themes of take care of your mates, stay hydrated, chill out, know the signs, get help, and don't mix drugs, booze or both."

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