The City of Armadale - Active Armadale

The City of Armadale needed an identity for its new fitness and aquatic centre. Rather than create a brand for a building, we positioned the iconic structure as the cornerstone for change. A community first approach encouraged a new outlook and vision quickly becoming one of the country's fittest cities.

Active Armadale was designed as an active movement. A platform for all facilities, programs and initiatives that encourages the whole community to live healthier and happier lives. It’s a brand that extends beyond the walls of the Fitness and Aquatic Centre, into the hills, throughout the city, and into the hearts of the community.

The A-Team mascots were designed to help spread the message into the community, each with their own character, personality and voice. Led by the fun-loving Arry, they highlight the many ways residents can lead an active lifestyle, and also help make fitness fun again.

Each application was designed to be cheerful, energetic and representative of the true Armadale. It had to be very human. While we developed a full suite of collateral incorporating bespoke typography, custom illustration and motion graphics, we focused heavily on creating a tone-of-voice that would resonate with the people. Something truly unique for this sector. It had to be playful, enthusiastic and full-of-character.