A wrecking ball explains how a Safe System will save lives.

Every year, hundreds of people die or are seriously injured on WA roads. These deaths and injuries are, for the most part, preventable. Despite this, road safety doesn’t make the cut as an issue the public feels they can do something about.

The Road Safety Commission and The Brand Agency set-out to inspire a genuine belief that zero deaths on our roads is possible through embedding a widespread understanding of Safe Systems.

In order to do this we needed to explain a complex topic of what a Safe System is and how it makes road deaths and serious injuries avoidable.

The Safe System involves a holistic view of the road transport system and the interactions between the different types of road users, roads and roadsides, travel speeds, and safe vehicles. It recognises that people will always make mistakes and may have road crashes – but the system should be forgiving and those crashes should not result in death or serious injury.

60 Second Video