RAC Brand Strategy & Creative Platform - Change for the better.

RAC is a highly visible and respected Western Australian brand that has been built on a heritage of trust. But the true revolutionary, future focused, purpose-led spirit of the club is hidden in the shadows behind a sea of functional products and services. This has resulted in people lacking an emotional connection with the brand.

RAC needed a creative platform that brought to life the organisation’s brand story in an authentic and engaging way for its members and the wider WA community.


To establish a purpose led brand, you need to lean into your purpose credentials. For over 117 years, RAC has been driving positive change in WA. From the first road maps, to lobbying for seatbelt law reform, to building Australia’s first Electric Highway – these impactful initiatives were put at the heart of our new communications and established the platform.

The new creative platform is designed to shift perceptions of the organisation from a product and service provider to an inspiring brand making positive change in WA. ‘Change for the better’ was launched with music-video style commercials. We worked with local WA artist Crooked Colours, to bring a consistent and modern sound to the brand.

RAC always have and always will drive change for the better of Western Australia.

Change for the better.