Blogs: 4 simple ways to give your writing a boost

Blogging is big business. Some write for pleasure, others blog on behalf of their company or clients. One common ailment that every writer suffers is the much talked about writer’s block. The internet is teeming with flamboyant and ridiculous ways to overcome the dreaded enemy. Some of my favourites include:

“Talk to an imaginary friend, pretend they’re your audience”

“Walk around in circles, the movement will help”

“Get an idol that you want to be like and start thinking like him/her”

It’s a hot topic and there are heaps of useful articles out there to help your writing, but it really shouldn’t be that hard. Here are 4 simple tips that you can do right here, right now to help keep those creative juices flowing.

  1. Empty your head
  2. Get inspired
  3. 3.Have a conversation
  4. 4.Put yourself under pressure

Just write whatever comes to mind, it doesn’t need to make sense to start with as you can go back over it later and edit or scrap the parts where you’ve gone off on a tangent. ‘Something’ is better than ‘nothing’, and writing ‘something’ will often trigger ideas and get you in the mood.

Research around the topic – get inspiration. You might discover some useful information that you can use, maybe a quote or case study – just make sure you give credit to the author and reference where needed.

Mention the topic to a friend or colleague – someone that might be interested. They might have something relevant to add, in which case make a mental note and use it. The conversation might lead your article in a different direction, or you may realise that there’s more to it than you first thought and could write another blog off the back.

Give yourself a deadline. If you are still feeling vacant by then, it’s time to reassess your topic. Know when to pick your mental battles. If you are becoming frustrated and lose interest in what you want to write about, it might be time to surrender. Maybe there’s something in it but just not enough to write about yet. It’s not quitting, it’s putting it aside for a while. I’ve got a list of blog ideas, some I go back to and write, others stay on the list.

Writing should be enjoyable no matter whether you’re writing for business or pleasure. When it stops becoming enjoyable it becomes hard work, no one wants that. Feel free to share your top tips for how to get words onto paper (or screen).

Photography credits:

‘Writer’s block II’ by Drew Coffman

‘Walking in the rain’ by Sharon Mollerus