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The Committee for Perth Awards

The Committee for Perth held their annual End of Year celebration on Wednesday night, where they reviewed their achievements for 2015.

During the evening Tony Monaghan, The Brand Agency Manager of Corporate Communications, was presented with the CEO's award for “Outstanding Contribution by a Member” for 2015.

The Brand Agency being an Executive Member of the Committee since May 2010, was also recognised as a business for “making an enduring contribution to realising a brighter future for Perth”. “We have demonstrably invested in improving the liveability of Perth, resulting in the legacy of a more vibrant, culturally diverse, economically prosperous and world class region.” Tony accepted the award from the Chairman on behalf of the agency.

Tony Monaghan accepting the 2015 award for "Outstanding Contribution by a Member"

Tony Monaghan accepting the 2015 award for "Outstanding Contribution by a Member"


Cam Whitehead

Camille Whitehead | Strategist

Camille was selected for her current position after participating in The Communications Council graduate program whilst completing her honours of marketing at UWA. In her six months at The Brand Agency Camille has worked across a number of industries, including land development, agriculture, the arts, education and utilities. Her involvement in the branding of Co3, WA's premier contemporary dance competition has been a highlight of Camille's career. In 2014 Camille was named one of the top five national business graduates by GradConnect.

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