Facebook's shiny new button

Facebook has recently introduced a new feature that increases the business value of its pages considerably. The feature leverages the social media network’s high user engagement and intuitive user interface to align a company’s Facebook page with its business objectives, and promises to drive results and success.

The tool, itself, is simple – a Call-To-Action button placed noticeably within the cover image, which is the most visible component of a page. It's prominent placement is strategic, increasing the likelihood users will focus on the button and click through. The Call-To-Action tool may seem like a relatively small and insignificant detail, but it is a powerful mechanism that could significantly increase conversion rates.

What makes this interesting tool even more exciting is that the Call-To-Action (CTA) button lets the page admin select from seven available CTAs: book now, contact us, use app, play game, shop now, sign up or watch video. This allows the page administrator to configure the CTA according to the business type and their objectives, whilst providing flexibility in designing the user experience.

The Call-To-Action can be linked with any URL internal and external to Facebook, allowing marketers to link to websites, blogs, online apps or promotional pages - which provides unprecedented control. Facebook has even modified it’s Page Analytics section to include results from the Call-To-Action button.

This simple mechanism will surely provide higher conversion rates than other on-page initiatives.

Facebook's new Call-To-Action button

Article posted by Camille Whitehead