Road Safety Commission launches motorcycle safety campaign with The Brand Agency

Motorcyclists are a vulnerable group of road users, and alarming statistics show that of the 196 people who died on WA roads last year, 21% were motorcyclists. Considering they represent only 4% of the total vehicles on our roads, this percentage is too high.

Acting Road Safety Commissioner Iain Cameron said motorcycle riders and their pillion passengers are among the most vulnerable road users in Western Australia.

“Last year, 60% of the 40 motorcycle fatalities on WA roads were single vehicle crashes, so we’re asking riders – don’t push it, ride to arrive” said Mr. Cameron.

In this new motorcycle safety campaign, which launched on Saturday 21st October to coincide with the MotoGP, riders are encouraged to adopt safer riding habits, by showing the negative implications of speeding.

Imagine riding down a road and coming face to face with a terrifying and completely unavoidable hazard. It could be an oil spill, a gum nut, a fallen branch, a rock, anything. The faster you are travelling, the more menacing these hazards become. 

The TVC shows a motorcyclist increasing in speed, which syncs to the rising danger of obstacles that lie ahead. We see that by increasing your speed it directly increases the size of the threat, making it less likely for the rider to avoid. The voiceover explains: “The more you push it, the more dangerous the road becomes”. 

Motorcycle Speed

The TVC is part of an integrated campaign which includes multiple channels, such as cross platform video, out of home and digital. Audience profiling made it apparent that a combination of contextually relevant and highly targeted media placements was needed to deliver this campaign effectively. As a result environments which provide the highest message resonance were focussed on.

Natalie Pearson, Business Director, The Brand Agency commented: “Motorcyclists are over-represented on road deaths, with rider behaviour, especially speeding, being a dominant factor. In the first phase of this campaign we want to encourage riders to slow down”.

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Article posted by Nick Bayes