Moto Mannequin is a social-led campaign aimed at equipping motorcycle riders with insights and skills to keep them safe on our roads

Motorcycle riders make up approximately 5% of WA's road users, yet account for almost 20% of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads. With significantly less protection than their four-wheeled counterparts, it’s little wonder that motorcyclists are considered among the most vulnerable road users. So, we partnered with the Road Safety Commission to educate riders on practical ways they could reduce their risk while on the road.

Our challenge was getting this independent audience to consider their own safety on every ride – and integrate the insights into their own knowledge.

So, we created a life-size human avatar that was featured in a suite of 25+ dynamic and interactive social assets and videos that challenged viewers to put their skills to the test. To bolster the efficiency of each message, unique rider data was used to target specific profiles at times they were likely to be planning their next rides.