The Brand Agency partnered with WARRRL to create WA's very first Empties Day

Summer is peak beverage season, with an estimated 420 million 10c drink containers sold in Western Australia between December and February. That’s a potential of $42 million in 10c refunds that can go directly to charity. But it’s also the time of year people have the least energy to head to Containers for Change. To address this, The Brand Agency created WA’s very first Empties Day.

Empties Day, a day that encourages people to save their containers and visit a refund point on January 29 to donate their refund to a charity or community group. The campaign launched prior to Christmas, drip feeding a series of short, snappy videos starring ‘Empties Dave’ across social media, introducing viewers to ‘Empties Day.’ To remind people about the upcoming ‘Empties Day’ we released a series of 15, 30 second online videos, a range of outdoor, state-wide press, SEM, refund point materials, digital billboards, and even airborne amplification. It was the second biggest day in the scheme's history, with over 3.25 million containers returned.