The Brand Agency focuses on the wider social consequences of hunger via Christmas campaign for Foodbank WA

More people in Western Australia are experiencing daily hunger than ever before and a third of people for the very first time. But unlike other social issues such as homelessness or drug addiction, the effects are not immediately visible. Sufferers carry their painful, invisible burden alone.

To drive donations in the typically highly competitive holiday period, when all charities are active, Foodbank WA and The Brand Agency set out to communicate the wider social consequences of hunger with the objective of increasing donations over the previous year.

The solution was The Sound of Hunger.

The Brand Agency took real stories of food insecurity, and used field recordings, foley, acted improvisation, and human body microphones to make an unsettling, layered soundscape. The only way to silence it? With your donation.

Designers, creatives, production specialists and web developers partnered with CUE Sound and local actors to bring The Sound of Hunger to life across many mediums including social, digital, press, radio and film.

The campaign strongly connects to the donation mechanic. Through the campaign website, visitors can explore the individual layers of the sound, read the stories and statistics, and donate. The more they donate, the quieter the sound becomes – in the browser, and in WA.

Dean Hunt, Executive Creative Director, The Brand Agency said, “The Sound of Hunger. It’s hard to listen to. So, imagine what it’s like for those living with it day in day out…at school, at work, at home. Always on.

The social consequences of hunger are far reaching. This campaign shines a light on a dark and complex issue, while offering a solution with a simple donation mechanic. Turn off the sound of hunger with a donation.

Most of us can switch the sound off or ignore it all together but for many Western Australians, the Sound of Hunger will never stop without help from the incredible team at Foodbank WA.