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How to stand out on LinkedIn

A business’ best brand managers are its employees; therefore it is paramount that employees maintain a strong presence on professional sites such as LinkedIn. Here are a few tips to pass on to your employees to ensure their profiles represent the individuals and the business well.

Have a complete profile:

LinkedIn members are 14 times more likely to be viewed if they have a profile picture. The headline should draw attention to your profile and aptly describe what you do.

Your summary:
The summary should expand on your headline and should describe what you do and what motivates you. Avoid over-using industry buzzwords, instead give examples of when you have displayed these skills. Your summary should be more than 40 words.

Make your profile visual, include images and infographics to add a unique touch when showing your work. Extra detail such as this makes your profile stand out and evidences your work ethic.

LinkedIn is the most popular professional network

LinkedIn is the most popular professional network

Be involved:

Check your LinkedIn daily, and make sure you're up-to-date with what is happening in your industry. Follow industry influencers and stay top of mind by regularly sharing content. Content examples could include simply sharing articles or creating your own such as your business experiences.

Volunteer work:
According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 42% of managers look for volunteer experience – it says as much about you as does your paid experience.

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