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The Brand Agency hosts TDK Tuesdays.

On Tuesday evening The Brand Agency hosted student design group, The Design Kids (TDK). Over 50 design students gathered to hear from Brand’s design team, who provided insights into their processes and approach to creating and managing some of WA’s most iconic brands.

Hailey Sims, TDK Perth Coordinator said, “This has been our most popular event by far and we were completely overwhelmed by the response from our community, TDK has long been trying to bridge the gap between students and professionals, giving them greater exposure to the design industry. We are thrilled that the team from Brand can not only offer their expertise, but spend quality time with these guys as they prepare for industry.”

The Brand Agency’s Head of Design, Dan Agostino, who led the presentation commented. “I think it’s important to help out and give back to students – whether it’s through TDK, AGDA, PADC, or AWARD School – every bit helps. I remember how hard it was to get your foot in the door, shopping your portfolio around town and hoping for that ‘big break’. I only wish that when I graduated nearly 20 years ago, there were opportunities like this around.”

Brand Agency General Manager, Nick Bayes added, “We were excited to host the event and it forms part of The Brand Agency’s overall commitment to supporting the student community and fostering emerging talent”.

TDK has now expanded to over 30 cities across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. and works with design students and new graduates, offering them industry knowledge, exposure and opportunities into the creative industry.

Any students or graduates who wish to get involved, the next TDK event is on 3rd October. Visit for details. 

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Nick Bayes | General Manager

Nick has over 20 years’ experience managing complex international brands in London, Sydney and Perth. He started his career at a London PR agency, before entering the world of direct marketing and then advertising. This wide-ranging experience gives him an intuitive approach to communications and has made him a champion of the integrated agency model. After eleven years at The Brand Agency, the start of 2016 saw him become General Manager of the Perth office. 

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